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Portabella Bistro

Dining should be an experience in Portabella, it is both a journey and destination.

Tucked in the heart of Kuta, Portabella which means ‘Beautiful Door’ is celebrated for its stylish Italian Food. Through innovative cooking approach, our Italian executive chef, Vittorio Negri offers a palate experience with fresh seafood as the main ingredients, delivering rustic food with endless possibilities. Portabella is an unpretentious and comforting restaurant with ubiquitous presence of wooden furniture, giving hints of Italian restaurant through the character of Pinocchio. For the interior accents, we deliver a huge collections of Italian vintage display so everyone can get a sense of sight Italy when entering Portabella bistro. 

The Grill Kitchen area which showcasing the marvelous selection of seafood that you can choose and grilled the way you want.The Upper Deck is open air lounge perfect for mingling casual conversing, cocktail sipping, or beer chugging while enjoying the skyline.

Portabella Bistro


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